Strategic Plan

In late 2016, the CEP Board of Directors approved a new five-year strategic action plan: Moving Forward-Phase II. This plan is a follow up to the extremely successful Moving Forward plan which outlined the goals and objectives for the first five-years of the CEP and which the organize met in only four years. While the plan has goals and objectives for each program area, the three big goals for Phase II include:

  1. Impact the Announced Creation of 4500 New Jobs

  2. Those Jobs on average will pay 15% the County's Average Wage

  3. Result in a Capital Investment of $400 Million 

Areas of Focus

Business Retention—Retaining existing businesses, expanding employment and increasing investment in capital and workforce by these businesses and promoting existing businesses as the area’s number one recruitment tool and source of lead generation and product improvement.

Business Attraction—Aggressively marketing our area’s assets directly to decision-makers and key influencers in five targeted sectors: logistics, advanced manufacturing in food and beverage, advanced manufacturing in aerospace, back office operations in finance and logistics, and equine.

Business Creation—Expanding entrepreneurial opportunities beyond the successful Power Plant Business Incubator to assist all existing and prospective entrepreneurs.

Business Advocacy—As an organization of business, promoting business, and representing the needs of business, advocating to local, state and federal officials on behalf of local businesses is a natural and necessary role.

Business Services—Ensuring that the needs of our partners, in particular small business are met through three initiatives: structured networking events and forums, talent and workforce development, and educational and training opportunities.


The CEP Board and Staff are committed to transparency and accountability. Each month we will be updating our performance matrix demonstrating how each area is progressing in meeting their annual goals.

2020 Performance Matrix-YTD