Refund Policy

Regular Event Admissions

exCEPtional Mornings Breakfasts, Annual Luncheon, Legislative Luncheon, and other similar events:

The Ocala Metro Chamber & Economic Partnership’s policy is to generally require payment in advance for admission to all CEP-promoted & sponsored events due to commitments to our vendors for these events. Registration fees to attend events where a meal and/or materials are to be provided will be refunded if cancellation is received 72 hours in advance and during normal business hours unless otherwise stated in the event invitation. Cancellations must be received via email to and will be refunded in full using the same method utilized for the original payment.

Partnership Dues

Payment for partnership dues in the Ocala Metro CEP is due at the time of application or at the beginning of your renewal year. Dues investments are considered non-refundable. For companies choosing to use a credit card or ACH payment option, partnership will automatically renew at the end of 12 months and payments will be expected for a complete 12 months following renewal. Intent to cancel partnership must be sent in writing prior to the company’s renewal date.

Sponsorships & Advertising

The CEP does not offer refunds on any sponsorships or advertising once agreements are executed.

Special Order Items

No refunds are available for customized or special-order items such as name badges, hats, or shirts.

Marketing Info/Licensed Items

No refunds are available on fees for the purchase of items such as partner mailing lists, additional directory categories, Certificates of Origin, etc.

Shipping Policy

There is no shipping method as the nature of our sales are for services rendered, not tangible products; however, in the rare case of a tangible product sold, the CEP will advise the purchaser in advance of applicable shipping costs. These fees are not refundable once postage has been applied to the item.