Published: Jul 27, 2021

AeroAggregates to Open Production Facility in Ocala Metro

AeroAggregates to Open Production Facility in Ocala Metro

AeroAggregates, a manufacturer of ultra-lightweight foamed glass aggregates, has commenced work on a new production facility in Dunnellon, FL. The plant will turn post-consumer recycled glass into material that can be used in infrastructure and commercial construction projects throughout the Southeastern United States. The plant is expected to begin operations in October. In its first year, the facility expects to recycle the equivalent of 140 million glass bottles.

Foamed glass aggregate is ideal for projects that require fill to be placed over soft compressible soils or areas with underground utilities. The low-density product is approximately 85% lighter than quarried aggregates. It is durable, safe, non-leaching, rot-resistant, and highly frictional. It also cost much less to manufacture, ship, and use than other forms of lightweight fill.

“From manufacturing to delivery to placement, we're not only accelerating construction, but also reducing our overall carbon footprint compared to a lot of materials,” says Archie Filshill, CEO and co-founder of AeroAggregates. “Our materials can be applied three to four times faster than traditional materials with less equipment. For example, a recent project at the Philadelphia International Airport using the company’s foam glass reduced the number of trucks that would have been needed to transport traditional fill by over 6,000.”

The new plant, like the company’s first location in Eddystone, PA, will supply materials for horticulture, infrastructure projects, commercial construction, resiliency planning, and insulated block manufacturing across the Southeastern United States. Contractors will find the lightweight blocks to be a valuable component of their resiliency planning. The blocks weigh less and offer better insulation values and greater fire resistance than concrete.

“The Ocala Metro Chamber & Economic Partnership welcomes AeroAggregates to the region,” said CEP President & CEO Kevin T. Sheilley. “AeroAggregates ability to manufacture and distribute for the area is a further testament to the logistical advantages of the Ocala Metro.”


About Aero Aggregates:

Based in Eddystone, Pennsylvania, AeroAggregates of North America is a vertically‐integrated manufacturer of ultra‐lightweight, closed cell foamed glass aggregate (“FGA”) used in the construction and geotechnical engineering industries. Its products, manufactured out of 100% recycled curbside glass, provide a low‐cost and sustainable solution for lightweight construction amidst increasingly stringent design and constructability requirements.

Today's civil engineering challenges include construction on soft soils, lateral load reduction for retaining walls and structures, insulating subgrade and backfill and the protection of underground utilities. Aero’s products provide an answer to these challenges and more by supplying an ultra‐lightweight material that is insulating, free‐draining, non‐absorbent, non‐combustible, and resistant to chemicals, rot and acid. For more information, please visit

About the Ocala Metro CEP:

The Ocala Metro Chamber and Economic Partnership was created to be a one-stop hub for the community’s business attraction, creation and retention efforts. The CEP’s mission is to be THE catalyst for a prosperous community. The Moving Forward plan seeks to impact the creation of 4500 new jobs with wages 15% above the county average and resulting in a capital investment of $400 million by 2022. For more information, visit:


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