Grants for Historical Markers

Posted on: February 08, 2018

The Division of Historical Resources provides Small Matching grants to assist with the acquisition of State Historical Markers for which texts (monolingual or bilingual) have been approved by the State Historical Marker Council prior to applying for the grant. The historic marker shall not be purchased until the grant is awarded (awards up to $950 for single-sided markers and up to $1,100 for double-sided markers).

The Florida Historical Marker Program is one of the Division of Historical Resources’ most popular and visible public history programs. It is designed to raise public awareness of Florida’s rich cultural history and to enhance the enjoyment of our historic sites by citizens and tourists. These markers allow us to tell the stories of the places and people who created the Florida we all enjoy today, by identifying the churches, schools, archaeological sites, battlefields, and homes that reppresent our past.

- The Florida Historic Marker Council meets regularly throughout the year to review proposed texts for Historical Marker Applications.

- Applications for marker text approval are welcome at any time, but, depending on when they are submitted, it may be a few months before the next Council meeting when they will be reviewed.

- Once the marker text is approved by the Florida Historic Marker Council, a non-profit or a state/local government agency is then eligible to apply for a Small Matching grant during the established application submission cycle.

- The grant will cover $950 or $1,100 depending on if the marker is single-sided or double-sided. The applicant must match the same grant amount (1:1).

- If awarded a Small Matching grant, a marker may not be purchased until July 1. If the marker is purchased before July 1, the Division cannot refund the grantee, and the grant award will be cancelled.

- The process of having the marker text approved could take several months. The Small Matching grant application cycle opens in the spring, and applications for a Historical
Marker Project must be submitted online via The process for being awarded a historic preservation grant takes about a year.


Drew Begley
Historic Preservation Grants

Michael Hart
State Historical Marker Coordinator
850.245.6371 or 1.800.847.7278

Yasha Rodríguez
Historic Preservation Grants

R.A Gray Building, 4th Floor
500 South Bronough Street
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