A Play from ThatsHowItsDone Productions to Premiere Saturday, January 31st

Posted on: January 28, 2015


Written by and starring Chris Wims (W.I.M.S.: whimsical individual manifesting sanity)

ENDSANE is the tale of a man who has lived carefree and aloof, which makes those around him uncomfortable. Seemingly impervious to pain the character is pushed to his limit! The character W.I.M.S. snaps and finds himself at the end of his sanity... where he is most comfortable at! Through the creative comedic stylings along with visual imagery and audible dissonance you will find out what really makes this man tick!

A multi-faceted monologue; this story will be told with a comedic feel as the character tries to hide his feelings during a live interrogation. During this interrogation the character is subjected to abnormal sounds that brings about a release of expression through performance art and dance. Ultimately he gets pushed too far and character can no longer stand for the bullying and pain, when he snaps his pain emerges to unveil a beautiful long piece of painted artwork after his pain speaks through poetic spoken word!

Where: Marion Theatre When: Saturday, January 31st, 5:15pm Doors open 4:45 for VIP, 5:00 for Regular.
$15 regular
$30 VIP (includes reserved section, gift bag and VIP After party),
$20 Regular tickets at the door
Children under 12 are not recommended to attend, as the play may be difficult to comprehend.
There is no vulgarity whatsoever.

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