Webpage Created for Land and Water Conservation in Florida

Posted on: January 08, 2015

A letter from Senator Dean:
I firmly believe Florida’s environment impacts every single resident and visitor to our state, so we want to be certain that we hear from Floridians with specific ideas for how to implement this constitutional amendment.  This webpage gives all interested citizens the opportunity to play a meaningful role in the legislative process.

In November 2014, Florida voters approved an amendment to the state constitution which requires one third of documentary stamp revenue to be placed into the Land Acquisition Trust Fund and spent on a variety of environmental programs and initiatives. Senate President Andy Gardiner has tasked the Senate Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation, which I chair, with drafting legislation to implement this new amendment.
The Water and Land Conservation page within the Senate website provides constituents an easy way to access information and provide feedback to members of the Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee. Over the next few months, the committee will conduct a number of meetings to discuss and review these comments as they prepare legislation for the 2015 Session.

We will preserve all comments and maintain them as part of our committee record.  We plan to provide frequent updates and I hope interested Floridians will sign up for the Senate Tracker, which will allow them to stay informed about the ongoing work of our committee.

To view the Water and Land Conservation webpage, please click here. To sign up for the Florida Senate Tracker, please click here.

I look forward to your comments.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if I ever may be of service to you.


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