ValueBox and CEP Partner on New Partner Box

Posted on: October 17, 2014

The CEP is pleased to announce a new partnership with ValueBox USA.  ValueBox USA is a unique and effective tool for businesses to sell more of their products and services, and to generate repeat business. 

Chuck Henderson, president of the Ocala-based company, says, “ValueBox is a new way to reach and maintain contact with potential customers.”

ValueBox recently appeared on the cover of Innovation Magazine and was featured in “CEPartner Connections.  The company so far has focused on business-to-consumer marketing, which Henderson says has had strong results.  Henderson says, “Our renewal rate  for our B2C product is extremely high.  That’s the strongest testament to how well ValueBox works.”  He continues, adding, “We’re very excited to expand into B2B.  We expect the results to be just as strong.”

CEP Partners will be given a Valuebox at their 3 month review or at the “Presidents Luncheon” each month. This very attractive and practical, black, leather-bound box will feature CEP Partners on cards with information about their business on the front of the card and discounts or other valuable information on the back of the card.

Henderson says, “The idea is to give your potential customer something they’ll keep for a long time, and that will help build a relationship with them over time.  When the customer is ready to buy your product, you’ll be at the top of their list.”

For more information about the exclusive CEP ValueBox, or to request a free ValueBox for yourself, contact Chuck Henderson at 352-433-5301.

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