Ocala Startup Announces Canadian Release

Posted on: April 17, 2014

Seven Gun Games, an Ocala-based mobile development company focusing on iOS video games and applications and Power Plant Incubator graduate, has announced the initial rollout of their long-anticipated game “Cookie Dunk Dunk.” Cookie Dunk Dunk is a skill-based puzzle and arcade-style game which takes users on a colorful, entertaining adventure through the world of “Cookieverse.”  The game not only features cookie characters with fun and wacky personalities, but also has a vast genre of mini-games built-in. Beginning on April 20, iPhone and iPad users in Canada will be able to download Cookie Dunk Dunk for free in the Apple iTunes Store.

“Within the mobile and gaming industries, an initial roll-out to the Canadian market is common practice” said Duane Schor, President of Seven Gun Games. “We eagerly anticipate the feedback our Canadian users will provide us – which we will in-turn use to make further iterations before our global launch later this year. This is an awesome app and we expect it will be a huge hit around the world when fully deployed.”

Rodney Jenkins, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the company, agreed saying “Our team of 27 dedicated coders and designers have put over 10,000 combined hours into this product. Users are sure to notice the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that went into it – both things we take great pride in at Seven Gun Games. This game has so much to offer and it will be something everyone can enjoy.”

“It’s great to have an exciting mobile startup like this one in our community. We should also celebrate the fact Seven Gun Games is going global and reaching a world-wide market” said Ryan Lilly, CEP Director of Business Creation at the Power Plant Business Incubator. “Technology companies like this one are unique in that they are an international company almost from day one. And that’s very exciting.”

For more information on Cookie Dunk Dunk or Seven Gun Games, please contact Duane Schor or visit their website. 

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