Ocala MSA Predicted to be #7 in Economic Growth in 2016

Posted on: June 22, 2015

From the Triangle Business Journal:

Ocala is #7 among 18 metros that will see the most economic growth next year, according to a new report from the U.S. Conference of Mayors prepared by IHS Global Insight.
Florida retirement communities now dominate the list, whereas in recent years oil and energy metros have led growth projections, according to the report, outlined by Bloomberg. Naples, Florida, is at the top, with expected growth of 4.9 percent. Ocala is just ahead of Dallas, Orlando and San Jose and slightly behind Austin and Raleigh.

Here are the top 18 metros and their projected growth:

1. Naples, Florida (4.9%)
2. Sebring, Florida (4.8%)
3. The Villages, Florida (4.7%)
4. Cape Coral-Ft. Myers, Florida (4.5%)
5. Austin, Texas (4.4%)
6. Raleigh (4.3%)
7. Fayetteville, Arkansas and Ocala, Florida (tie, 4.2%)
9. Grants Pass, Oregon; San Jose, California; Laredo, Texas; Dallas, Texas; Orlando, Florida (tie, 4.1%)
14. Provo, Utah; McCallen-Edinburg-Mission, Texas; Homassa Springs, Florida; Punta Gorda, Florida; Port St. Lucie, Florida (tie, 4.0%)

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